Green Darjeeling

Green Darjeeling

The “Champagne of Green Teas” from the mountains of northern India. With organic and fresh ingredients this Fair Trade Indian green tea is a fantastic way to refresh.
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    When you make your first purchase you can select to ‘purchase’ a New Leaf container for each item, then next time you shop we simply ask you to leave us the clean containers to swap out for a new one. This way you only need to purchase your container once.



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    Prefer to use recycled jars? No problem! We have gathered quite a collection of jars ready to use for anyone not wanting to purchase one. Simple select ‘recycle’ when choosing your container type and we will select the nearest size to your order with no extra cost. We just ask that you pay it forward by leaving us some of your recycled jars for someone else to use. 

    Please note: Our household cleaning and personal hygiene products are all created with natural ingredients so we do recommend these be kept in amber bottles to keep out light and ensure your products stay fresher for longer.


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    We want to give you the option to buy in bulk but currently we don’t stock any containers bigger than Extra Large (this is something we’re working on). However, if you can provide your own container, we can fill it for you. Simply select ‘Extra Extra Large’ as the size and ‘Own Container’ as your container type, then drop your clean container to our warehouse and we can fill it to that size for you. 

    Please note: This option is only available for order which are larger than our Extra Large containers and you must provide your own container.

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