Littlefoot - Orange and Tea Tree Rinse Aid

Littlefoot - Orange and Tea Tree Rinse Aid

With Littlefoots sweet orange & tea tree rinse aid you can say goodbye to spotty dishes.

Powered by all-natural tea tree and orange essential oils it leaves dishes and glassware sparkling clean and streak-free with a refreshing burst of sweet orange fragrence.

All Littlefoot products contain:

⊹ NO Preservatives

⊹ NO Animal products

⊹ NO Chlorides

⊹ NO Nitrates

⊹ NO Phosphates

⊹ NO Dyestuffs

⊹ NO Perfume

⊹ NO Petrochemicals

⊹ NOT tested in animals

  • Water, Ethanol, Decyl Glucoside, Citric Acid, Limonene, Tea tree Essential Oil, Orange Essential Oil.

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