Littlefoot - Limonene Hard Concentrate Surface Cleaner

Littlefoot - Limonene Hard Concentrate Surface Cleaner

Littlefoots Limonene hard surface cleaner tackles the toughest of jobs with a powerful citrus blast. Fuelled by Limonene which is extracted from citrus skins this biodegradable cleaner is effective on all non porous surfaces. It’s concentrated formula requires dilution for use and is ideal for all hard surfaces including floors, counters and kitchen and bathroom surfaces.


All Littlefoot products contain:

⊹ NO Preservatives

⊹ NO Animal products

⊹ NO Chlorides

⊹ NO Nitrates

⊹ NO Phosphates

⊹ NO Dyestuffs

⊹ NO Perfume

⊹ NO Petrochemicals

⊹ NOT tested in animals

A concentrated multipurpose cleaner for use all over the home, littlefoots D-Limonene hard surface cleaner requires dilution before use. Specific dilution ratios tailor this product to different jobs around the home.

The following ratios are recommended for each job/area to clean

Dilution rates:
1 part d-Limonene cleaner to 20 parts of water. Doors, chrome, general cleaning, fabric spotting, TV cabinet, nicotine build up.

1 part d-Limonene cleaner to 10 parts of water. Floors, sink, woodwork, formica, air conditioners, cloth furniture, fiberglass, leather, marble, office machine, plastics, shower, smoke damage, venetian blinds, walls, wooden furniture, light oil stains, tubs, floor mats.

1 part d-Limonene cleaner to 7 parts of water. Stovetop, graffiti, ink, rust stains, adhesive, engine degreasing, wax stripping lubricant and tile grout stains.

1 part d-Limonene cleaner to 120 parts of water. Window cleaning.

  • Water, Decyl Glucoside, Laurel Glucose, Cacamidopropyl Betaine, Vegetable Glycerine, Xanthan Gum, Limonene, Lime Essential Oil.

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