Queenstown Soap - Coffee, Vanilla & Goat’s Milk

Queenstown Soap - Coffee, Vanilla & Goat’s Milk

Hand made is Queenstown, this soap bar combines exfoliating coffee beans and moisturising goats milk with a beautiful scent of vanilla.

The coffee grinds work as a natural exfoliant, helping get rid of dead skin and even out skin tone. Add this to your daily shower routine for a wholebody refresh! 


These soaps are wrapped in home compostable plastic wrap which is made from corn. When you unwrap your soap simple cut the wrap into small pieces and pop in your compost bin.  


  • As these soaps are made of natural oils, it needs to be well drained after use. We recommend using a soap dish if you are storing the soap in the shower or on a handbasin, and make sure the soap is not submerged in water as much as possible when not in use. This will ensure you get a longer life out of your soap and it does not disintegrate prematurely.

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