Refill Me

Refill Me

Do you have containers which differ in size from the options on our website? 

Do you struggle figuring out what size you actually need in order to fill your container?


If this is you, we have setup our new Refill Me service to take the hassle out of refilling your pantry.

Refill Me simply allows you to pick the items you would like to purchase and we will refill as per your container size. We will then calculate the cost and you can pay after. Simple!


So how does it work?


  • Browse the website and write a list of the items you would like to buy. You can choose to send us your shopping list via email, pop a label on your containers, or just include a list in your bag. 
  • If you do not want your containers filled all the way to the top, please add a line on them so we know how much you need.
  • Drop your containers to our warehouse in Arthurs Point or select “Pick Me Up” at checkout if you would like these collected. Pick Me Up is $5 but free if you spend over $75. If your refills total more than $75 we will take this amount off your bill at the end.
  • We will refill each container as per your list.
  • And finally, the cost of your order is calculated by us and we just let you know the total. Easy!